Steve Patterson
‘Twas the night before election, 2019

‘Twas the night before election, 2019

‘Twas the night before Election, twenty-nineteen;

The ugliest one this country has seen

With fake news abundant, offside ads online

And an incumbent who dressed in blackface,.. how many times?

The main challenger has a troubling past too

Including a hidden American citizenship? Ew!

Lies have been spread, fake factsrelayed

It got more American every day

When it came to debates, there arose such a clatter

That no one had time to say things that mattered

Except Mr. Singhs Mr. delay or Mr Deny

He proved that he might just be worth a try

With progressive ideas and infinite grace

The question is, can he get a complete team in place?

The Green party is hopeful the voters finally see us!

But all their MPs can still fit in a Prius

Then of course there is the Bloc Quebecois

The only province with a federal party, pourquoi?


And what is a twitter with this Maxime fella?

Hes almost as repulsive as Warren Kinsella

Oh how I wish we had one candidate

With an unblemished past and a clear mandate

Who could inspire and lead a strong, worthy team

Kinda like Santa, wouldnt that be a dream?

But what we are left with, are the choices weve got

A few possible options,  and a few that are NOT

I just hope you will vote, and exercise your right

For a Canada that can once again be merry… GOOD NIGHT!


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