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To P.k. Subban  and All the Daring Disruptors out There

To P.k. Subban and All the Daring Disruptors out There

I learned a lot about disruption this week. Partly from a function I hosted for a fintech company and partly from an article I read about the now Stanley Cup Finals bound PK Subban, whom I couldn’t be happier for.

First things first, I’ll point out how “disruption” is different from being a “shit disturber”: A disruptor is someone with a vision for what can be considered a universal need, who has the skills to bring that vision to life. A shit disturber is a narcissistic old man who pushes a world leader out of the way to get to the front of a photo op.

See the difference? Ok, moving on…

Fintech is an apt combination of the words “financial” and “technology”. But the pace of this industry is so fast they don’t have time to say the words separately. How fast? Well, I learned more about technology in 20 minutes at the event I was hosting than I’ve managed to comprehend in my 46 years on earth to date.

But I know you don’t have 20 minutes to read this so here’s a brief recap…

Basically, most people currently employed in middle management will be redundant not just in the “near future” but possibly by the time you’re finished reading this. Which is good if you’re someone who has sat across the desk from a middle manager and wondered “how the hell is this person employed?”, but bad if you’re that middle manager. Essentially the rungs on the corporate ladder are being removed at such a remarkable rate that it’s pretty much a stepladder now. And the only way to get ON that stepladder is to create it yourself with what the business world refers to as a startup.

Now, what the hell is a “startup”?

Good question. A startup is an idea that identifies a need for people that people don’t even know they need yet, followed by the service and/or product that fills that need. For instance, a phone that is a computer that holds every answer to every question you can think of (except “where is my phone?”) Or a “cab” company that uses peoples’ own cars as cabs. Or a worldwide “hotel chain” that uses peoples’ own homes as hotels. It’s all crazy talk. Until it’s not.

This is some seriously deep shit.

Or, as the company who hosted the event I was hosting likes to write it “s#!t.”. (which is weird, because we all know what you’re saying anyway. Plus it’s a waste of a perfectly good poop emoji)

But how does this relate to PK Subban?

Well, in the very well written article I read by Marty Klinkenberg in the Globe and Mail [] the story of PK’s trade from the Montreal Canadiens to the Nashville Predators is concisely recapped and, as you know by now, PK comes out on top.

And PK Subban is the NHL poster man for a “disruptor”.

He plays the game with a child-like joy, which, ironically, is a direct insult to many of the old men who used to play the game. Like Mike Milbury who described PK’s pre-game dancing and singing as being “a clown”. Well Mike, I’d rather have PK at my child’s birthday party than you. Partly because he’s more entertaining and mostly because there’s much less chance then of my child being beaten by you with her own shoe.

Other “clownish” behavior of PK’s I suppose then is committing to $10 million in fundraising for the Montreal Children’s Hospital (which he continues to honour despite the trade) and continuing that tradition with support and regular visits to the children’s hospital in Nashville and other charitable causes.

The NHL could use a lot more of this disruptive behavior.

And that’s not to take anything away from other NHL stars who are excellent players on ice and quiet supporters of charity off ice. But by being public with his support (as he is with seemingly everything he does) PK is showing that you can be an elite athlete and use your substantial financial resources and public platform for greater good than what a lot of professional athletes do.

Apparently, the Montreal Canadiens thought PK was a shit disturber. I would argue that he’s a daring disruptor. A disruptor that is now heading to the Stanley Cup Finals . A disruptor that I’ll be cheering for the whole time, along with thousands and thousands of other PK fans in Nashville AND in Montreal.

So if you’re a disruptor, with the ability and determination to fill a worthwhile need, then please disrupt on! And if you’re a shit disturber, please, stop that s#!t right now.

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