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How 24/7 Coverage Is Turning Into 9/10 Digital Diarrhea

How 24/7 Coverage Is Turning Into 9/10 Digital Diarrhea

A tweet sent out by Prime Minister Harper this week read: “Watch 24 Seven Breaking News: Min Fast announces final text of CETA, which will create jobs across Canada”. It had a link attached to a You Tube video, which I didn’t watch, because any description that starts with “announces final text” is not a video worth watching.

What the tweet did do though was prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that our Prime Minister has fought back against former cries of “not enough access” by granting us so much access that no one wants to watch it. Brilliant strategy really.

In a world where so much video of people doing so little is so readily available, the best way to make people stop asking for more is to video record EVERYTHING and then send it out constantly, thus ensuring no one will pay attention to any of it.

The irony is, constant camera surveillance makes people on camera so contrived that there is more reality in “Sharknado” than in any reality show. So the relevance of a message sent out and approved by someone who so obviously hates having to explain anything he is thinking to anyone as Stephen “go ahead, try to find life in my steely stare” Harper is laughable (if there were any humour in it).

Most videos of Rob Ford also fall under this category. I get it. He’s a narcissistic idiot and reporters who have been forced to cover relatively intelligent people who always engage in totally responsible (read “boring”) behaviour can’t get enough of him. So he keeps being dumber and dumber, with more and more video evidence to support his dumbosity (an actual word if you are Rob Ford). I thought it was worth watching too. The first time.

But my tolerance for this crap is now at zero. I no more want to watch a glimpse inside a day-in-the-life of Stephen Harper than I do a glimpse inside the shower of Rob Ford: either way, there’s not enough soap in the world.

So why do I follow Stephen Harper on Twitter? For the replies and responses to his tweets of course. From real people, giving real reactions and real facts that directly challenge something he has just “shared”. It’s also worth noting that he rarely, if ever, responds to responses. A common pattern of many high profile narcissists on Twitter. They want to “join the conversation”, but only the part where they get to talk.

And as anyone who has ever suffered through a conversation with a narcissist knows, you tune out around the third reference to “I” or “me” in the first minute and start looking for someone else to talk to.

So if you really don’t want people to listen to anything you have to say, video record yourself saying EVERYTHING, send it out in the world constantly and then dare them to take the time to sift through the digital diarrhea for themselves.

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