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July 7th, 2017

I write this knowing most Conservative minded Canadians probably won’t agree with it (and also knowing they won’t read it) but I like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau . There, I said it.Justin Trudeau
I say this realizing he has made many decisions that many people don’t agree with: Pipeline approval, $10.5 million to Omar Khadr, deficits ballooning so far past their estimates it makes Canadian
cell phone bills seem like bargains, etc.  I can see how any or all of those things could make you dislike Justin Trudeau (unless you are in fact Omar Khadr in which case I’d say that JT is pretty much your “bff” now).

Alberta forgottenMeanwhile, those in Alberta got additional ammunition for their anti-Trudeau arsenal when he forgot to mention their province during Canada Day festivities (which he very quickly apologized for and corrected). Still, I know how that can hurt. My dad often lists all my brother’s names and forgets mine. But he is quite old. And I am the youngest. Also I was technically a “mistake”. Not that YOU are a mistake Alberta! On the contrary, you are very much part of Canada’s plan! I’d just like to see that plan made a little less oil and gasey…Man, it’s tough to talk about Alberta.

Anyway, despite these things, I still believe Justin Trudeau is doing a very good (I can’t stand the word “great” anymore) job as our Prime Minister.


Well, for one thing you can’t get a much more accessible world leader.

In addition to marching in Pride parades, jogging through high school prom photos and being part of so many selfies I’m pretty sure he’s now set the
Guinness “Selfie World Record”, he also hosted Canada Day festivities on Parliament Hill Saturday night and spent a good portion of the afternoon with WE DAY CANADA on Sunday, a program I was fortunate enough to be a part of. (Full disclosure: I actually met the Prime Minister briefly on Sunday. So a good portion of my newfound admiration may stem from his firm handshake, dreamy eyes and the fact that he laughed when I said “I never got to meet your Prime Ministerial predecessor but something tells me it wouldn’t have gone this well”.


Justin Trudeau and Ireland Prime Minister Leo Varadkar

Immediately after that event, Mr. Trudeau and his family jumped on a plane and headed over to Ireland for a meeting with their newly named Taioseach, Leo Varadkar, where the similarities between the two leaders was immediately apparent. Both are progressive, young by political standards, with an eye towards the future of their countries and not repeating mistakes of the past. Also, they both like to wear bright, stylish socks. And I am a fan of bright stylish socks since they cost less than stylish shoes and, if the patterns are weird enough, you can mix pairs without anyone really noticing.

But there’s more to our PM than his stylish socks.

In an early visit with a certain American President whose name we won’t mention yet
 he managed to avoid any number of potential pitfalls by taking the initiative, setting the agenda and bringing with him prominent Canadian businesswomen. He even managed to smile through a handshake that the Pope himself later cringed through. Of course his critics condemned the actions saying that he should have “taken Trump to task” on his many faults, but that’s not how diplomacy is done. And frankly, if I had the charisma that our PM does I’d just go to banks all day, smile and talk to tellers and then thank them for handing me large sums of money.

Furthermore, Trudeau seems to have made positive impressions on every diplomatic visit he’s made so far and I have no doubt he will also represent us admirably at the G20 summit in Hamburg this weekend. He has the ear of Germany’s Angela Merkel and France’s Emmanuel Macron and he’s like a third grandson to Queen Elizabeth (with apologies to any grandsons of Queen Elizabeth other than William and Harry that I don’t know about). Meanwhile, he’s coordinated a friendly army of prominent Canadians to help in trade relations with the U.S., including former Conservative PM Brian Mulroney, a move which I can pretty confidently say his own father would never have dreamed of.

On top of all this, legendary American investor Warren Buffet, who recently swept in with millions of dollars to essentially rescue Canada’s Home Capital from going under, was asked why he was bullish on Canada and he replied that he had seen a YouTube video of Justin Trudeau in a charity boxing match and said “Trudeau looked pretty effective to me.” So if you think you can’t quantify the impact that a PM’s positive public persona has on the economy well, maybe YOU can’t. But Warren Buffet
CAN. And he’s got a lot of quantity to go around.

All of this to say that having a Prime Minister who is accessible to the public, agreeable to fellow world leaders and accountable for his shortcomings (I firmly believe he will set the world record for apologies issued by a Canadian PM if he hasn’t already) is NOT a guarantee of successful international relations. But I believe it’s a HELLUVA lot better than being secretive, openly derided or avoided by other world leaders and infallible (in your own mind).

Plus, a strong sock game doesn’t hurt.methode-times-prod-web-bin-e8ee0402-6015-11e7-b6f8-8145f3f5d431-1












Let the discussion begin!

  • Harry Jennings - July 7, 2017 at 10:13 pm - Reply

    Put very eloquently and with humour. Unfortunately, conservatives will find a way to read it and try to open you a new one, at least verbally. I like the guy, appreciate his open style, a worthy work in progress.

  • Colombian Brother - July 9, 2017 at 3:11 am - Reply

    I have read several of your articles and I must commend you on your work. It is with an abundance of respect and admiration that I wish you continued success. I hope your gift and talent to inform, uplift and entertain the masses continues to flourish.

    Mind Power Revolution!

    Respectfully, your Colombian Brother

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