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A Pot full of Promises

Published: Oct 05, 2015, CBC News - Politics

The Munk Debate on Foreign Policy: Finally some meat. And some vinegar.

Published: Sep 30, 2015, stevepatterson.ca

Alright, I reviewed the recent Globe and Mail and French debates mostly based on inadequacies and comedy potential. For this one, I’d like to give credit where it is due.

Last night’s Munk debate on Foreign Policy at Roy Thomson Hall was the best of the bunch so far (audio production and French translation aside. But let’s take baby steps here)

The leaders all scored some points and counterpoints, the moderator Rudyard Griffiths (which sounds like it should have “the 3rd” behind it, but apparently doesn’t) was indeed moderate but did a better job of keeping things civil and moving …

French Leaders’ Debate: Lost in Translation or just lost?

Published: Sep 28, 2015, CBC News - Politics