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‘Twas the Night Before the Election

Published: Oct 18, 2015, CBC News - Politics

Twas the night before election, two-thousand fifteen And all we knew for sure was, it wouldn’t be Green; The polls were suggesting that Liberals were first; But they were just guessing (those polls are the worst) The voters were restless, they turned in their beds, Except the 3 million of us who voted early instead The question was simple, do we want change or not? Those who didn’t like Harper didn’t like him a LOT When out in the news there arose a fresh scandal! Trudeau’s co-campaign chair, would have to be handled He had offered assistance to those who …

Fringe Candidates Raise a Little Hell Come Election Time

Published: Oct 13, 2015, CBC News - Politics

Why I Just Voted NDP

Published: Oct 10, 2015, stevepatterson.ca

Dear Canadian voters,

I took advantage of advance polls and placed my vote this weekend. Which is a good way to work up an appetite for Thanksgiving. I voted for Tom Mulcair’s NDP.

This isn’t all that surprising given the fact that I host a comedy debating show on CBC. So I am pretty much the practitioner of everything Stephen Harper hates: open debate, our public broadcaster and a strong sense of humor.

But why didn’t I vote Liberal?

Because while Justin has performed admirably in this campaign, I’m afraid I agree with the Conservatives on one thing: he simply …