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CANADA DRY – A Message to Ireland From Steve Patterson

Published: January 8th, 2004, Exclusive to StevePatterson.ca

Hello HOTPRESS! How are ya? My name is Steve Patterson and I’m a Canadian comic (now let’s let the therapy begin).
- Hot Press

I’m the youngest of five sons and my next brother up is nine years older. He is also a boxer, which made for very painful “play fights” when I was young. I mention this because it pretty much answers the question “how do you deal with hecklers?” When you’ve been the recipient of years of hard, well-placed right hooks, some guy yelling ‘that’s not funny’ doesn’t really faze you.

Finances 101

Published: September 5th, 2002, Exclusive to StevePatterson.ca

- The Chronicle-Herald, Halifax

Now that you’ve snagged that student loan, your money woes are over, right? Not so fast, says a guy who’s been through the college student’s financial wringer.