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Still shot from my favourite episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm"... twitter.com/DaveWeasel/sta…

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WHAT THE H.E.L.L. IS WRONG WITH THE C.R.T.C.? (an open letter to Minister of Canadian Heritage Mélanie Joly)

May 19th, 2017

Dear Minister Joly,


I just learned of the CRTC decision to reduce the amount of spending on content categorized as PNI (programs of national interest) to just 5% while re-issuing broadcast licenses to Bell, Rogers and Corus. This on the heels of a recent decision to limit the number of Canadians working on programs down to somewhere near the level of “the American craft services person should, if possible, have a distant Canadian cousin.”

These decisions, I realize, don’t mean much to the average Canadian. Because Canadians gorge themselves on the entertainment of our southern cousins, including devouring every …

Happy Mothers Day 2017!

May 12th, 2017

Dear Moms, On behalf of everyone who has or has had one or more of you, thanks.

Thanks for loving your children unconditionally despite behavior that any other reasonable human would consider “conditions to stop loving someone”.

Thanks for being personal chefs, chauffeurs, psychologists, tutors, coaches and relentless bodyguards despite not being paid for any of these duties.

Thanks for being our biggest fans when we do something remotely good and our fiercest defenders when we do something completely bad.

Thanks for putting up with dads who often are more like additional offspring than equally contributing partners in a household …


May 15th, 2015

I just want to take this opportunity to thank every one who came out to Ontario theatres over the past month for the “I Laugh Therefore I Think” (ILTIT) tour. From the start of the tour at the Empire theatre in Belleville on Apr 16 to the 13th show at the Grand theatre in London last night, I had a great time doing what I love doing and introducing many Ontarians to the hilarious Ivan Decker, one of the best comics this country has to offer (and the best-dressed young man I’ve ever hung out with)

Highlights included putting audience …